Using my own server / HostGator?

So I currently use have a reseller acct on HostGator that can still hold a few sites. Can I design a site in WebFlow and export it to my own host? Or must I host on Webflow servers for the site functionality to work correctly? Just want to be clear on what I need to purchase and what costs I need to pass on to my client.

Hello @Dave :)

We have a solid answer to that question on our help page:

Hope that answers your question. If you still have some please do not hesitate to ask or browse :)


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If you plan to use the webflow cms then you would need to host the site with webflow, if it’s just a standard website with no dynamic data then you can host it anywhere. I wouldn’t recommend hostgator tho.

How can I find templates that are NOT dynamic? I just need the site to be responsive for a particular device.

Here you go:


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