Is My Site Exportable?

Can someone please tell me if my website is exportable? I built it from a template. I want to export it, but I don’t want to upgrade my account only to find out it can’t be exported. I haven’t done anything with CMS, but is CMS built in? I ask because there’s an option for it on the dashboard. Please help!

All paid plans have the option to export your site. You get a zip file with your html, css, js and image files.

You can’t export the CMS or any of the content created by it, so avoid using it if you plan to export your site.

Hope that helps :smile:

Thanks Alex! It does help. Now I’m wondering: 1) If if get the personal plan and export my site, will it retain the web flow branding, 2) will the website will be editable in other web design software?

It depends on what you mean by Webflow branding. By default the style sheets (CSS) will be labeled Webflow. You can change these names after export. Though it could be a pain depending on how many pages you have.

The generator of the code will listed as Webflow in the Meta data.

And there will be class names prefixed with a “w” in the HTML.

You can edit your exported files in any program that lets your edit html, css or js files.

I’m referring to the little tab in the bottom right corner. All the other stuff can be removed in an HTML editor is what I’m understanding from your reply.

If you have a paid plan the Webflow tab won’t be there.


Thanks for tall the help, Alex. I bought a month so I can get the site finalized and export as often as needed until it is.