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Archiving Projects

It would be great if we had the option to archive webflow projects, similar to the functionality in basecamp.

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Hey @jcoger we’ve thought about doing something like this for older projects. What’s the reason you want to archive the project? So that it doesn’t show up in your active projects list?

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I would primarily want the security to know that I can come back to an old client project months or years down the line. As I continue to create new active projects.

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I agree. I am looking for this functionality as well. I use Webflow similar to the InvisionApp. Once a project is complete I archive to make room for new active projects.

I agree with this feature, the last thing I want to do is to delete a project / site and then have the client come back a few months later asking for me to do something new / update something.

The Ability to archive a project and not have it count to my X number I’m allowed in my plan would be welcomed.

Heck, if you archived a project / site and then charged me a nominal (lets say $5) fee to bring it back to life, I know I have a paying client on the end of this fee being invoked, just another way to look at this if you need to find a rev stream for this feature.

If you have this, could you let us know in this post, thanks webflow :wink:

yes I am all for this as well for same reasons expressed in thread. Unless there becomes a way to import a project back into webflow all nifty and spiffy would be great to archive the project and even pay small fee to reactivate it. Otherwise we are kind fo stuck between the plan allowances and keeping client projects onboard in the event of future changes or redesigns.

Agree 100%, I would go as far as saying it’s actually a missing, crucial feature, rather than something that would be nice, and place it far above the ability to ‘import’ projects (not to mention likely a lot easier to implement?)

As a freelance designer, I often have to go back to a client’s site to update certain content or update parts of the design months, sometimes even a year after delivery, and I would rather be able to do all that from within webflow. I recently just signed up and I would say this was one of the biggest concerns about the cost holding me back, as I totally see the active (private) site allotment being used up if I want to maintain sites there that will be worked on months down the line.

I understand that this could be exploited to avoid those limits by simply keeping one site slot open and just archiving and unarchiving sites, so if you are trying to protect that need for higher accounts you could have a low, reasonable limit to how often this can be done in an account (say for example, a limit of 2-5 unarchiving actions per month, requiring of course an empty ‘slot’ in the project list), then a small cost for additional ones like @LvnLife mentioned if absolutely necessary. (I would however be disappointed if the paid accounts didn’t at least include a couple of un-archive actions included :frowning: )

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I agree also.

Another thing to add, is I’ve got two projects that are extensive where I’ve hired a 3rd party to help me finish off the site with more advanced stuff (CSS / .js custom code enhancements) that I still want to keep so if I need any guidance in how to do it again, I’ve got these sites to revisit and see what my coder did.

These sites would be great as an archive option that don’t count against project #'s. #justSayin

If the JTBD by Webflow is to embed your tool as our goto web design / publishing platform, then you should do what you can to take away any friction your tool has with us. Sadly, this is the biggest friction I have with webflow, as much as I love it…trust me I do :wink:

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I know this post is older, however we are testing web flow right now and this would be a major stumbling block if we find that within our plan for 20 or 50 Projects there is no way to archive projects that we no longer need actively but for archiving purposes … just in case. In the past we have found our comprehensive archive of all client data (we never delete anything) has been a major selling point in our service quality. We have a reputation of never loosing anything!

I think it needs a bit more overview in the Dashboard.

  • Project Headlines 2 or 4 Points bigger and above the project picture
  • The possibility to sort / filter projects. Perhaps like the groups in google plus. Than you can sort projects by clients or other groups.


I was digging around for this exact feature when I realized going into the Project/Site Settings and clicking “Unpublish” solves for almost 75% of the concerns being addressed in this thread.

Unpublishing the site stops anyone from accessing it outside of the Dashboard. It does not, however, remove it from the Dashboard, so the concern of project filtering and a cluttered Dashboard will still be a problem for some of you requesting that kind of functionality.

However, for the rest of us that need to turn projects on and off, this does the trick.