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Archive unused sites

Maybe this is already available or has already been discussed. If so forgive me. :smile:

What if Webflow had an active/inactive setting or archive vs. active setting? So if you had 10 sites, you could archive the 5 that you have already “finished” exporting and pushing out to another place. Then you could still keep a copy of them in Webflow, just not actively using them and they wouldn’t count against your account of active projects. That way if you ever needed to you could activate the site, play with it in Webflow and re-export or something.

I think that would give people a chance to keep a certain number of active projects without feeling like they have to keep paying more and more unless they really do need to scale, which typically does cost more money. If you are staying at the same scale, but adding work over time, you could stay at a similar price structure, while archiving old projects.

Just a thought.


What you are asking for undermine’s their ability to offer tiered plans. That’s the whole incentive to go up to a pro or team plan. If you could simply archive, no one would ever pay for a pro or team plan. Sorry but I don’t think that’s gonna happen as much as I wish it were possible as well.

Absolutely. So I propose the following. A plan that allows us to keep 20 or 25 active projects with the price of the 50 project plan but the ability to download / archive unused projects locally in our office. If we then need to upload / reactivate one of those projects we would be happy to pay a fee for reactivating one of those projects.

Just food for thought.

The current plans fill me with doubt

This isn’t really needed considering you can simply make your sites public instead of private and they won’t count towards your site limit.