List of ideal changes to the Dashboard


So there area bunch of posts in the forum on changes people would like to be made to the dashboard, and while most of these changes pose no functional change in the way the sites end up looking they would all be very helpful in speeding up our workflow and making things simpler and more beautiful. :smile:

  1. Project Folders - the ability to group sites into folders on the dashboard which would be SUPER USEFUL for categorising and workflow and everything.

  2. Custom dashboard site organisation - drag and drop sites around etc (a possibility which is better than the current system but it could get quite confusing)

  3. The ability to “pin sites” on the dashboard so their position is not affected by new sites being made.

  4. Custom site dashboard images - the ability to add custom images to the sites on the dashboard because right now they all come out super messy and though you can add them for public sites that doesn’t show on the user’s dashboard nor is it possible to add them for non public sites. This feature would make it way easier to identify sites quickly in the dashboard as well as make it all look nicer :smile:

  5. Archive sites - I saw this suggested so thought I’d bring it up, the ability to “archive a site” and have it not count as one of the sites in your plan. This option wouldn’t allow editing and may or may not allow for the site to be live. See: Archiving Projects

I definitely know that @bart (@bartekkustra…), @rowan, @Revolution are all interested in at least some of these features as do many others I am sure…



This feature would be awesome!

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Yes this would definitely help me. Right now I have client sites, personal sites, projects, and then sometimes a duplicate of projects, etc., all mixed together and it’s a MESS! Sometimes hard to find a site back.


All the features that @Arthur suggested are very much necessary.

I also wish that we could adjust the layout. Like on PC using folders. Like “Large Images with small text” and “Small Images with small text.”

Or change how many sites are shown in a single column/row

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  1. Project Folders
  2. Custom dashboard site organisation
  3. The ability to “pin sites”
  4. Custom site dashboard images
  5. Archive sites
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