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Filter projects on the dashboard

It would be great to have the ability to filter/tag projects on the main Webflow Dashboard to create different views!

We have different people working from the dashboard (designer, developer, copywriter). It would be great if they could each have their view of which projects they should work on (instead of everyone seeing all projects). Once a designer is ready, he tags it to the developer, and when he is ready he tags it to the copywriter.

This way, you could do some project management within webflow by creating a flow of who is next to work on a project.


I agree. It would be awesome to put projects into folders so you easily can sort out what’s a template, a real project or a sandbox-site.

Great suggestion guys. To help us get a better idea of how to make this happen, what are some “filters” or “tags” or “labels” you guys would create? Like development, live, prototype, etc?

Yeah, something like that. Live Prototype, Finished Projects, Templates, Sandboxes/demos and that you filter these projects like the tab element we use in website. So each of these tags is a specific tab.

Perhaps Design / Development / Copywriting / Final / All

It could also be considered to work with “colorcodes” (versus trying to find tags/labels that please everyone).


This is a great idea! Could you not have a few default filters then be able to apply your own and select the sites in them as well as rename them, kinda like classes…?

Personaly i would like to see tags and then just filter the tags. that way you can name projects whatever you want / works for your team.
Giving projects a color also could work just like layers in photoshop.

I’d like to have the ability to create folders. For websites that are finished but shouldn’t be anymore in my dasboard anymore.

And for websites that are Clonable, so they don’t take up space.

Third: it would be great to position websites by dragging.


Folders would also work for us. It’s great if the dashboard wouldn’t clutter

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Folders would be great. It would also be nice to have different views as in Windows Explorer. We currently have the equivalent of Large Thumbnails. How about a List view as well.