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Active and Archive Projects

For paid accounts, it would be great to be able to “archive” your projects as needed, where the archive projects would not count towards your allotted number of projects allowed by your plan. Even when a project is “done” in Webflow, I hate deleting them to make room for new projects, because you know you’ll probably need it again at some point for changes or reference.

You could never have more than the allotted number of “active” projects than your plan allows, but you could freely move projects in and out of archive status, as long as you have a “slot” available in your active projects…

Many developers including myself, develop sites in Webflow, export the code, and don’t refer back to the Webflow project for weeks or months or longer, unless some kind of change is needed. The result is you end up with lots of projects that are not actively being developed just sitting in your account, taking up slots from your allotted number of projects allowed. Being able to archive a project so it doesn’t take up a “slot”, would allow you to actually have “active” projects in your account, up to your allotted number - instead of 15 stagnant sites, and 5 active (for example).

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