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Managing the number of available projects in Webflow

I had a few general questions regarding Webflow and how people handle the number of available projects.

Right now it seems that the Personal plan would work for me. I see that you can have 20 websites at any one time. And an unlimited number of public projects.

20, or even 50 in the Professional plan, doesn’t’ seem like very many projects to be able to save, especially if there is no way to archive or backup the projects locally. I know that you can export the code but you can’t re-import the code at a later time? After a year or two 20 projects will get eaten up really fast. I can easily see how you might need to work up a few designs for a single client/project. Making some projects public may not be an option due to client privacy concerns or NDA, etc. It would be great to be able to archive locally any unused projects that we are unable to make private in order to keep them.

It would be great to be able to do any of the following:

  1. re-import any code that was exported from Webflow as long as it wasn’t altered
  2. export some sort of archive file of a project that would not be usable anywhere else but could be re-imported into WF at a later date.

How does everyone handle these issues?
Are there any current plans to be able to locally save our projects to be able to re-import at a later date?

Thanks for any input!


I’d be curious to hear from other Webflow users as well as any Webflow staff on this. From other users can you talk about how the limited private projects has worked for you and how you go about handling it? Has this been an issue in any way for you?

Personally I don’t see a problem with making it public. There are projects that MUST remain private but the majority (at least the clients I have) don’t mind. Remember that making the project public does not mean that it will be open to Clone. Yes, the user will be able to see how you built it in Webflow, but same with any internet visitor on the site who can simple inspect the element.

Also, anyone can copy your design by just looking at it so I don’t really find it a big deal. Having it public. Those are my thoughts. :wink:


Thanks for the response, Vladimir. Much appreciated! It’s good to hear some user experiences.

Do you happen to know if a site gets hosted on Webflow with one of their hosting plans if it counts against one of the 20 private projects that you have?

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