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Other Webflow pricing plan suggestion

I want to share an idea that popped in my head after my client asked to have access to their site on Webflow in case something happened to me (the designer) since I’m a freelancer working alone. So, I had this idea of a different kind of Webflow account for non-designer site-owners.

Here’s my suggestion:

3 Plans:

  • Site-owner
  • Designer
  • Team

Each account has many sub-plans.
My suggestion for the Site Owner account

###Starter Plan: One site + editable template + CMS

  • hosting fees apply
  • no access to the designer (or limited designer access)

###Add designer: Add a designer from a list of Webflow users with a designer account.
####Only one designer can be added at a time.

  • When upgraded to this plan a designer MUST be assigned to the plan.
  • if a site-owner chooses to remove a designer they either need to downgrade their account or upgrade to a designer account or create a designer account to attach to their starter account.

####Designers can be deactivated but not removed.

####Designers access the site from their own dashboard

  • In most cases a designer will always have all their projects in their Webflow portfolio and they themselves choose what to show and what to hide.

*Designer accounts can also have sub-plans like the personal and professional plans available now.

You guys can think up the rest. Just sharing an idea that popped in my head :blush:


Thanks for sharing! Making it easier for designers to collaborate with one another is something we’re definitely thinking about.


YES! I would love this addition.

Here is my take on all of it.

Unlike a lot of developers, I want to put the control of the site into the hands of the client. I want to enable them to take control of their site and not feel like they can’t build a site. This is the main reason I have chosen Webflow as my platform to build sites: they make it easy for anyone to do it.

So instead of building a site and then giving it to someone, I want to bring people to Webflow and make them permanent customers of Webflow. I can’t do this when they aren’t able to work on projects with me. For example, right now I am working with a client to build a site. I started it on my account so we could work together and they could build familiarity with Webflow. But as soon as we are in two different places and not working from the same computer, we can’t work on the site. If we were able to, we could build it together and then when the client felt comfortable, we could do a site transfer to their new account and now they are a permanent Webflow customer who will likely recommend these services to others. As opposed to paying someone else and then telling others they were happy with the work their web developer did.

In other words, I feel like this is a great avenue for Webflow to really increase sales and residual customers. I’ve already brought 8 people to Webflow who love it, but it has been very difficult working on projects with them at the same time. I know the Team Plan offers this, but it is just too expensive for me right now. Plus, it is hard for me to pay that amount knowing I am trying to bring new residual customers to Webflow. It’s is as though I have to pay more to show other people how awesome Webflow is.

I think your product is so good it can stand on its own. Once people become familiar with how it works, I don’t see them leaving. Therefore, it should be wildly encouraged and even free to do so. That’s my two cents.

Keep up the great work & much love!

posting here following a discussion with @Waldo, for reference.

The plan discussion is always interesting. i don’t have a precise idea, or opinion about Anna’s views, but there is a genral idea I’d like to submit:

I now work essentially with Webflow.

  • I bring clients that will get hosting,
  • I bring designers etc.

My income is what it is and will grow let’s say normally, I hope.

The idea is this one: at a moment, I would enjoy paying a fee that removes every limitations.

  • I would only have to pay for any new hosting/domain.
  • I would be able to create the structure I want, any number of team I want etc.

That could be called a company plan

That could cost the price of a Pro plan plus Team plan + a bit more

You get the idea: I commit to Webflow, I don’t want to deal with limitations.

There is a moment where I can’t afford to pay for more stuff, but where I still could use more features, Like another Team to bring 2 designers in and start an ambitious project. Who knows if that project isn’t going to become successful, have a paid hosting and 4 editors who all bring more money to WF every month? We will never know because I’ll never create this extra team. At the moment teams are expensive, and extra seats in the team are too.

Thanks for listening