Webflow removes the href attributes of a tags when pulling richtext from an API

Hi there,

I have an Airtable to Webflow integration via n8n and when I push html to a rich text field of a CMS item, all the <a> tags are stripped of their href attributes and just given a “#” value. Actually all attributes are removed (classes, ids, etc.), only href attributes stay but their value is changed to “#”.

Hyperlinks do work if I copy and paste in styled text into Webflow CMS and publish the item from the editor. However, I would like to find a solution using an API to automate this process. Besides n8n, I tested with make.com (aka integromat) and I had the same issue.

I’m not sure why this is happening and if anyone has any suggestions how to get around this, I would highly appreciate it.

Things I have tried:

  • Writing the rich text in markdown in airtable and then converting it to html. Didn’t work
  • Normally, when creating a new item with rich text content, I would publish the item directly to the site. I tried to instead, upload it as a draft first and then after a delay remove the draft tag and then publish it on the site. Also didn’t work.

In my opinion there is some code on Webflow’s side that is either removing the attributes or no passing them along correctly.

Thank you for reading!

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This issue has now been fixed! Sending HTML to a Webflow rich text field should work as expected again.

Full disclosure: I’m the co-founder of Whalesync which uses the Webflow API to sync CMS data to and from Airtable. Since you mentioned that you’re looking for automation solutions, I wanted to share. Cheers!

Thank you Curtis!

I tested my automation again and it works like a charm.
Btw, it looks like you have an awesome product. I’ll try it out for my next webflow project!

Thanks again.

I’m still running into this issue with Webflow stripping out all inline styles and things like bold/italic tags when publishing via API.

I’ve also noticed that content published via API gets a bunch of line breaks added in when I got to edit the post in Webflow’s editor (but none of those line breaks appear in the published post–they only show up if you edit the post again in Webflow’s editor).

Wondering how you solved this Curtis?

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Experiencing the same. This started a few days ago. Sending images in HTML via the Webflow CMS API but all styles are being stripped out. Now the images are all the wrong width and don’t have captions.

Update: Webflow support says they removed the ability to add styles via API.

Wow. Can’t believe how short sighted that is. We’ll be moving off Webflow immediately.

This basically makes Webflow’s API worthless now, and publishing via API impossible. Webflow’s API now even strips out basic things like bold and italics from content. Do they seriously think I’m going to go into each post and manually re-add bold/italics?? Whats the point of the API then?

Also, when publishing via API, it now hilariously defaults to making all images 60% width.

I guess when companies get big enough, they start doing stupid stuff like this.

Thankfully there’s now tons of Webflow competitors out there to choose from.

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I just confirmed this is the case. No more custom code posted via the API. This is insane. Count me out on any projects using the CMS. Static from here on out for me. Moving everything else.

So nice they gave us a heads up right?

This is still a problem! We are unable to publish rich content with links. They are replaced to href="#".

@cfonger Why do you say its fixed? What have you done to fix that?

Are you still hitting this problem?

@radan From what we’re seeing in Whalesync, href attributes in anchor tags are preserved again. If you’re still seeing something different in your setup I would be very interested.

Hi @cfonger we are now using html purifier with very strict rules, so it seems to work again and filter as much as possible on our side. The webflow support responded with the following answer on the 21. Aug 22:

You can expect attributes like class and style for example to be stripped out but an attribute like target on a link element will remain.


This sounds consistent with a recent bug that our team discovered with our rich text field validation logic. However, our team has since fixed this issue so links within rich text should be retained their href value as expected.