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Anyone able to help with hosting here?

I have spoken with my domain suppliers about an issue with my site, I published over a few days ago but I still can’t see the site live, this is a conversation I had with the domain supplier ‘123reg’.

They advised me that its not an issue they could solve, that I’d have to speak with my host.

My domain -

09 26 34


  1. What is you problem?
  2. can you send screen shots of all set up in DNS and Webflow

My site is not live, thats the problem, I can’t seem to get to the bottom of the issue as im not experienced in this stuff.

@JanneWassberg heres what you asked for i think, thanks!

@Enver_Mehmet ok

I can’t se any NS record = Name Servers
Are the dns correct? normaly it should be 2 NS records pointing to name servers

@JanneWassberg you have to emphasise with me a little here, I know very little of this ‘hosting’ language etc, what is a name server and how do I add them? how do I know if my dns is correct or incorrect? how do I view or edit my webflow dns via webflow?

This is very frustrating for me as my website is currently my only way of generating leads and enquires and so far, without this, I can’t get much work.

Thank you so much for helping me with this

@Enver_Mehmet Webflow looks fine. You need to ad 2 NS record in your DNS. that normaly is added automaticly by your DNS provider . I dont kbow the IP’s for their DNS servers.

Do you have TeamViewer installed on your computer?
How can we talk??

Right I see, I don’t but I can install?

@Enver_Mehmet Skype or similair??

team viewer is downloaded, give me two secs

@JanneWassberg i have set skype up, would you like to chat?

@Enver_Mehmet Yes call me on Skype Janne_Wassberg

After some tweeking with DNS configuration we got the site of @Enver_Mehmet uo and running.
It looks like the 123reg needs wilcards to be in the DNS


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@JanneWassberg Thank you again! you spent a lot of your time helping me with this.

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