SSL not working for new website need help :)

good day,

My website was published yesterday but to my surprise the ssl is not working.

Link to website: it doesn’t redirect when I made www my default.

Another odd thing is this. It says I need to configure these settings in my hosting platform but I already did otherwise my website wouldn’t be live??

Could anyone assist me in all of this. What a nightmare to get a custom domain live :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It doesn’t look like you’ve set your IP’s at all in your DNS, or they haven’t propagated.
There’s nothing showing for @

And for www you’re showing Amazon IP’s;

I’d walk through the setup instructions again, looks like your DNS config isn’t right.

Thanks for your reply. However I carefully followed the steps in the instructions and have all the values filled out on my hosting platform. I am a bit lost. Also for the @ I am not able to do this on my hosting platform. I don’t know if that could lead to any issues. my hosting paltform replied with this @memetican

Please note that the token ID would be issued or required for the paid SSL certificate installation only. For the free SSL that we provide from Sectigo, needs the domain to be resolving to our servers to get the certificate installed. I see that the AutoSSL certificate has been installed on your domain “” in your A2 Hosting account. However, your domain name is resolving to, and no A record resolves for (without www). Hence there is no certificate that works on (without www), and the one on has the common name error, which needs to be checked where the domain points to.

The nameservers of your domain points to us. So if you wish to point the domain hosted and resolving to your A2 hosting server, the A record and CNAME for www, needs to be updated in your cPanel > Zone editor. The A record should be resolving to, and the CNAME for www to domain name.

I’m sensing that you’ve massively overcomplicated your solution somehow.
All you need is DNS services and DNS setup.

Generally, you don’t need a separate SSL certificate unless you’re doing something special and have a Webflow Enterprise plan to use it on. You don’t need Hosting with A2 unless you’re exporting your site and uploading it. Your DNS config should be simple and straightforward unless you’re dong something like a reverse proxy configuration.

Yep that’s an essential part of the configuration. Some DNS’s you just leave that field blank to get the @ base domain selector.

All of this smells wrong. For basic Webflow hosting, I usually see the DNS config done directly at the nameserver provider which is often the domain registrar. The fact that they’ve mentioned cpanel suggests you’re paying for a website hosting plan somewhere else, that you don’t need here.

Maybe that was an old site before you built the Webflow one?

I prefer Cloudflare’s free DNS service personally, so you might want to just point your nameservers there and this will be easier to resolve.

Thanks for the reply @memetican

A2 hosting just makes everything super complicated… Never again will I use them.
Anyway. The @ problems seems to be resolved after contacting the a2 support. However the ssl is still not working for me. Maybe it will take a couple of hours. But I am 99% certain I did configure it right.

All resolved. Thanks for the help. The hosting platform had some issues so it took longer than expected.