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ISSUES with DNS and publishing web page and a bit stressed out right now

Hi, we are using an norwegian hoste, named We are hosting at there place, and its made using We are planning to publish our new web page today in 1 hour, and have issues moving it over to webflow. I have been going through the Publish custom domain tutorial many times, but it dont work. Domeneshop dont reconicse the two DNS numbers webflow is providing (it says the numbers dont exist and Navnetjener is norwegian for DNS (this is the read text alert on the picture ). And when I enter as a Custom domain inside of webflow, I dont get the pink box telling me where it is pointing to, as I see pictured in the tutorial. So no I have no clue what to do, and is stressed as hell:)

Ohh, when you remove www before badnorwegian, it works. Ok, now the pink box with the DNS come inside of Webflow. But still get info on Domeneshop that dont exist. So not sure where the issue is now…

And I get an error message when I test the address to see if it works as an proxy. Hmmm

This is new: Domeneshop says that ISP´s have to make the correct Zone File first, before they can use the new DNS. Is this making sense Webflow???

Hi, the issue is not with webflow servers, your dns check found that it could not find any proper zone records in the zone record lookup, but IT DID find the IP address ok. Also you only have one dns ip listed, there are actually two of them. The second A-Record address that you need is

if you want to pm me, I can see about helping you, but I think you need to setup your A-Records with the domain provider you use. but I would have to see the control panel options for your domain provider… to get the “WWW” part working, you need to setup a CNAME record that points anything with www on your domain to

In general, your domain provider should also be able to help you, just ask them to:

  1. Create 2 A-records with the Webflow IPs (,
  2. Create one cname record with extension “WWW” and host is

Wait up to 24 hours for the changes to propogate, but it can be very fast also, it depends on the original registrar you got the domain from on how long that take. I think in most cases, you only need to wait for a short while.

Once changes are made at your Domain provider who manages your DNS etc, you can keep checking in webflow with your domain (and put both the and into the webflow setup so that both work) and check again… once you get green, you are good to go… if you still get red, then that means the propogation not completed yet… You can check via:

To see where in the world a propogation is already active, and where it is not… you just enter your domain name, click search and the service will tell you, which DNS server, your old one, or your new one, is serving up your domain from many locations around the world. Here is the current propogation:

So it looks like your DNS provider either has not propogated or the change is not yet made.