Can't get a hold of Webflow support!

Hi all,

I was planning on moving over from Wordpress to Webflow and I’ve been learning Webflow for the last few months and was excited to launch my new website, and everything seem to work and was visible (still tweaks needed to the site but good as a first draft) the first day I connected my custom domain but the next day (2 days ago) there was the following error.

"# This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in

  • If spelling is correct, [try running windows network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


I’ve never had this problem before and am fairly sure it’s just a configuration thing in that I’ve configured something incorrectly - even though I’ve watched countless tutorials on it.

I half expect these issues when I use something new what I didn’t expect is that there seems to be no way for me to confidently get a hold of webflow support - no phone number, no chat and I’ve sent two messages via their support ( and it’s been over 48 hours and no reply. That I wasn’t expecting as any other good host has 24/7 phone and chat support.

Can someone please let me know how I get a hold of webflow support. I’m beginning to regret my decision to give webflow a chance after using sites like bluehost, siteground and others for years and always being able to get a hold of them, if needed, this experience so far has been less than ideal.

As I say, I’m confident the error is probably my fault (or at least I hope it is as if it’s webflows issue, there are real problems) but regardless, not being able to get a hold of someone in support from webflow poses a real problem. Am I missing something?

Hi Carlton,

You do not seem to have any DNS records setup, so I’d start there.
In Webflow’s site settings it gives you specific instructions on the records you need to create in your DNS.

Once it’s verified them, it will show you it is successfully configured.

Thanks Michael, I’ll have a go. However, it was set up correctly to begin with because it was working for one day, which is why it doesn’t make sense. If there records weren’t set up correctly, I would have thought it wouldn’t have worked at all. I’m going to go with the assumption I’ve accidentally changed the settings and revisit it. I’m not sure if you or anyone else has any experience of Webflow support, as so far it hasn’t been great for me and I’m having my doubts about webflow now.

I can’t say why your DNS settings are empty, however Webflow’s support would not be able to help you with your DNS provider anyway - it’s a different company.

You’d need to check with your provider.

Can you do a screenshot of your Site’s hosting page?

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Hi Michael, this is all sorted now. Thanks.

I’ve also been able to get a response from webflow support and always understood what they could and couldn’t provide. However, what I expected - and what I got in the end - was that when I sent them a screenshot of my DNS settings with my domain provider, they could look at them and say yes, they are fine or no there is an error. I’d already been through a few tutorials and just needed the final bit of help or verification when things didn’t seem quite right.

When you are just starting out with something that is a little more complex, it’s nice to know you can get your hand held a little by support, to get you over the hump. Anyway, all sorted now, and I’m happy with Webflow again. Thanks for your help. It’s very much appreciated. :smiley: