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I had to make my first page live with webflow tonight. But I have doubts about what to do?

I had to make my first page live with webflow tonight. But I have doubts about what to do?
Webflow tutorial says this
My hosting server for the domain says this:

and here is only one A record?? so what to do??


Here are the steps I use:

Delete the current A record on your hosting server.

Add in the two new A Records.

Make sure to save.

It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to show up - but is usually less.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions - I would be glad to help.

Teresa - Webflow Designer

Thanks a lot.
But - I can only add one A record to my domain provider. Is it necessary to have two A record??
I have put Cname.
But I can’t see I can put 2 A records?


/* --------- SNIP ----------- */

If you’ve only added one A record, or if your DNS provider only allows adding one A-Record, this connection error will show in your dashboard. This isn’t an optimal setup, but your site will work.

Adding two A-Records helps with load balancing and redundancy in case anything happens to the primary server. Basically if the primary server went down, there’s a backup server to ping to load up your site (simply a precaution).

For an optimal setup, we recommend that you add two A records. And if your registrar doesn’t allow that, we recommend that you point your custom domain nameservers (NS records) to a third party DNS provider. Then, you can setup the DNS records within the new registrar’s dashboard.

/* --------- END SNIP ----------- */

I have now ad 2 records. But webflow say that there is stil issue?
see here

where we host the domain everything is ok, see here

so what is wrong now???

Can anybody help me?? - I am waiting , - my new site which I want live don’t work?

The site is working now !!

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I am glad it is working now for you. :slight_smile: