An interesting UI tweak

Kudos to @cspags for bringing this Modkit for Webflow Chrome extension. For the time being, it allows only an option to move the breadcrumb navigation bar to the top of the designer and the ability to maximize the code editor in the designer. Let’s hope more features would be added to it (e.g. have the Navigator on the right panel as before) .

PS: I am announcing this in the forum, since it was posted on Facebook only. I think it is a grand mistake to have several community platforms instead of one. More here.


Hi @uzzer, thanks for the kudos and for sharing with the forum! There will definitely be more features and options added over time. :slight_smile:

I’m open to any and all suggestions!

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@cspags with this Chrome’s policy of phasing out apps: , is this going to work in the future?

@uzzer thanks for the link, but looks like it shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

This change does not impact support for Chrome Extensions.

Google will continue to support and invest in Chrome Extensions on all existing platforms. Fostering a robust ecosystem of extensions is critical to Chrome’s mission and we are committed to providing a useful extension platform for customizing the browsing experience for all users.

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