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Re: Home improvements to the Webflow community

@Afshan In reply to the Home improvements to the Webflow community announcement:

Am I missing something or the Wishlist is not present in the “Get Involved” section?

I think this should be the heart of the Webflow community.

Also, this forum itself, seems somewhat left behind… “Just fix it” links to the forum, but this implies is that the forum is just a volunteer support ground. Of course, it should be much more than that.

I am personally not happy that so many discussions have moved to Facebook. The forum looks much more professional, it is much easier to search and track posts. Also having more than one media for discussion seems distracting and complicated, especially if you have a brand new user.

Hi @uzzer thank you for all this feedback. The wishlist is indeed not listed on the community page. We love hearing from our community, but the wishlist is something that we are still figuring out how to manage and doesn’t seem like the most impactful way for members to get involved.

The forums are absolutely a big part of the community which is why it is listed on the new page. The Facebook community is also growing and thriving and we want to make sure we meet our community’s needs.

We’re happy you care so much and we’re absolutely continuing to try to make the community experience better with everything we do. Thank you.