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Google Chrome:Good / Firefox: Bad - Share Chrome Apps Here

Just wanted to THANK :coffee: Dave in Support for forcing me to go back to Chrome to design here… the only way to go as he says. After diving into Chrome 42 yesterday for a couple of hours I was blown away by how far this browser has come just in the past year.

Does anyone remember why no one wanted Chrome ? How there was virtually no ability to customize anything ? How it misbehaved on different systems ? For years, I had written off Google in the browser sector. When IE totally died a few years ago, Ive been hanging and crashing and tweeking Firefox ever since.

Right from the beginning of my installation yesterday, I could tell it was running smoother and faster. Then, when I, a Rastafarian, found the Bob Marley theme, my whole day was :mushroom: :sunglasses:

Im so amazed with technology these days : Im like a 5 year old addicted to sweets and living in a Willie Wonka factory every day of my life. Ive been online everyday since 1986 and the whole App revolution is: software sooooo reinvented…and how Webflow is going to change my life…WOW…it all gives me a huge adrenaline rush. Chrome looks and behaves a lot like apps on android… fast and smooth and easy to configure. I could spend all day in Google Apps wandering around.

:+1: Share any cool Chrome Apps here… for all to best use Webflow.
But be careful - dont go App crazy - Chrome might not like too many :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Zack Galifinakis and I have 2 things in common : We both call the NC Mountains home and we :heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart: :blue_heart: our Apps ! (HangOver Part 3, when Zack lost his phone and went nuts)

Bye bye Firefox. You’ve been a naughty boy. :scream_cat:
( I was never in love with you anyhow.)

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Haha, there is still room for competition in the browser world (:

I kind of just did to Chrome what you did to Firefox… I’ve been a Chrome enthusiast from the start, leaving the bloated Firefox, keeping it only for the inspector extension… then leaving it completely. Today Chrome does the same thing to me: memory eating, sluggish at times on a powerful 32g ram machine, COMPLETELY unreliable regarding its extensions (if all works ok, that’s cool, when something goes wrong it’s almost impossible to identify what extension is at fault.)

Weeks ago I had a very nasty bug in Webflow, caused by something in Chrome, most likely an extension. I diteched the browser entirely, switched to Safari, so muc faster. I only use Chrome for Webflow now, never log into a Google account, zero extensions, uninstall of the hidden Google extensions (there’s a lot).

Safari is blazing fst in comparison, it’s also far from being perfect with its negation of favicons and truncated URLs in the address bar.

I recently download Opera and was really impressed by its speed. You might want to give it a try.

regarding the sluggish performance of chrome i recommend using a chrome extension called ‘one tab’ and another called ‘the great suspender’.

both these extensions in unison have brought new life to my chrome usage.

32g ram? What, are you maneuvering satellites in outer space ? Im still using 4g.

Oh, Im loving Chrome today but I will be cussing at it next week. I still have nightmares, literally, of an old green Netscape lizard running a muck…I love reptiles but that lizard was a big bastard. Today, I really think it has little to do with ram itself - but everything else that is going on : apps, flash, updates, bugs, etc.

So thanks Amreet_Gill, for looking out for us…

( Bastard wasnt serving drinks - he was serving poison)

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