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Modkit for Webflow - Free Chrome Extension

While some of you will be repulsed by this :sweat_smile:, personally I’ve always wished the breadcrumb bar was at the top of the Designer instead of the bottom.

So I decided to build a Chrome Extension that does just that, moves the breadcrumb bar to the top.

It’s totally free and you can toggle the option on/off, here’s the install link if you’re curious:

I would love to eventually add other little designer tweaks to this extension, so let me know if you have any ideas!

Chris Spags


Wow. that’s so much fun and helpful!

Thank you very much!

I wonder if it is possible to sort classes in Style Manager from A-Z by chrome extension~


Great idea! Would A-Z sort or a text search be more useful?

Both have different challenges, but I think I should be able to make at least one of those happen!


Can’t wait to use it !

I think either way is fine and can get the problem solved!

It is now super difficult to find a class when a site become bigger and has hundreds of classes, and Ctrl+F never works~

Love this idea! Wondering if maybe there would be another feature you would be interested in adding since you are obviously adept at extension creation. I have wanted for some time, to have some sort of indicator on screen when I am in a view-mode/breakpoint that isn’t the base desktop. My thought was that the designer window could be outlined in a thick red border, just to indicate that im not in the base breakpoint. I dont know how many times ive been testing… make changes to a breakpoint, start editing other things only to realize i wasn’t in the right view mode and have to go back and fix it all. Something like that would be super useful i think… Not that you asked for requests… just a thought! :slight_smile:


I’ll second this. I think I go through this same silly cycle of changing, reverting, trying to put back the changes on most days!

This would be AWESOME - sort A-Z!

Is it possible for a Chrome extension to control the selection & entry into the text box picker for a Multi-reference field? That would reduce a lot of tedious work to connect records in one collection to another…

Hi Dustin,
Thanks for the suggestion! I actually just released an update for Modkit that includes a feature somewhat similar to what you suggested.

You’ll receive an alert whenever you first edit a breakpoint that isn’t the base desktop. You’ll also periodically receive reminder alerts if you’ve been editing a non-desktop breakpoint for a while.

This update also includes an alert when you edit the styles of a class affecting multiple elements. This has been great for preventing unexpected changes and bugs.

There are a few more features added to the Designer as well in this update, more details here:


Hi Anthony,
I’m sad to say that after several attempts, unfortunately I was never able to get either the Style Manager Search or A-Z sort working properly. :frowning_face:

Search attempt:

I reallyyy wanted to make this happen, but with the way the Designer works, it’ll have to be up to the Webflow team to decide if they want to add this to the Style Manager.

Fingers crossed!

Take care,

Hi Shawn,
It might be possible! Although I’m not sure if I know exactly what you’re suggesting.

Are you referring to the multi-ref textbox picker in the CMS item editor?


Cool! Must share must share to all the webflowers!

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Yup, that one.

I have one project that has a collection of Universities and a collection of courses at the universities, and both need to be linked to each other – each course has a Reference for the university (which I’m importing via CSV) but in order to display the corresponding courses on the University’s collection page, I had to link all the course collection items in the University’s Multi-Reference field.

To select the relevant courses (which conveniently had the University’s name in the Name field, which displays in the dropdown list) I would simply copy the University name, then paste it into the Multi-Reference text picker and press enter…… repeat until all the items that matched that university’s name had been added.

The process took me around 45 minutes (wasn’t that bad, I meditated through the repetitive keystrokes) but I couldn’t help wondering with my limited knowledge of programming if it was something that the browser could do for me —

What are your thoughts?