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Creating charts with live data based on clicks from users

Hi everyone,

New to this “back-end” stuff. I’m wondering if its possible through Webflow integrations or custom code to create 2-5 nicely designed charts/graphs that change per the live data entered through the clicks from members of the site.

For example, I want to have a portion of the site off-limits to non-members using MemberStack. Once they sign up with the website, they’ll have access to vote on product pages about what they think the product smells like (Fragrances / Colognes, etc). The list of notes/silage (how long it lasts)/scenarios (when to use said fragrance), could be anywhere from 20-100’s of items I’m assuming right now.

I want these charts to be live, so they can change in real-time to user voting. Any chance someone knows how to go about this?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out with your post. I am not sure what kind of charts exactly you are looking to create, but there are a number of data tools that can be used with custom code.

Here is some examples on my showcase pages:

You might do a search on the web for jquery charts and see whats out there, also a good place for paid chart scripts is

I hope this helps to give you some ideas

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply! Sorry, I should of been more specific. I was thinking charts/graphs along the lines of below:

Where the charts would auto-update every 5 minutes or so. It seems it could be done by connecting Google Sheets?