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Excel Zapier Webflow Integration

Hi Everyone

This is a question about Zapier more than Webflow but I hope my case use can nevertheless be informative for Webflow users.

I want to recreate the 3 tables and graph on this page in Webflow. The data comes from Excel csv docs which are hosted publicly - new docs are created daily with the date in the URL. And so I would like, somehow, that relevant fields in the Excel docs get mapped to, and update, live items in the Webflow CMS.

In Webflow I can then create tables that update daily and use Chart.js to create the graphs.

My thinking would be to somehow get a Google Sheet updated daily with new data and then integrate with the Webflow CMS through Zapier.

Can anybody help me figure this out?

Many thanks!

ps. I havnt included a link to my site as I havn’t even started the relevant page

Hi @p111x great question and welcome to the community! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You can use Google Sheet Zaps such as creating a new spreadsheet row to create new live items in your Webflow site with a CMS plan or above. That’ll be really cool to see, I hope that you share it once you’ve built that out. :chart_with_upwards_trend: :bar_chart:

Here’s a helpful page to see different Webflow and Google Sheet Zaps ➞