"Allow only specific file types" In file upload field not working

Hey everyone,

I’ve noticed that the file restriction for uploads isn’t working. When check “Allow only specific file types” it will only suggest these files, not restrict them from uploading as seen in this video.

Am I missing something, or is the function just not capable of restricting files?


Hello Rory,

I see that you want to restrict the user to only be able to upload file types that you specify.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict users to only uploading certain file types. Rather, this setting on Webflow prompts the user’s file explorer to only show certain file types, but can be overridden by changing the selection to “All Files” in the file explorer[1][2].

Here is the webflow univeristy link: Form file upload | Webflow University

[1] html - Limit file format when using <input type="file">? - Stack Overflow


Hopefully that feature will be implemented one day!


Thanks for the reply @Tyler_W .

Sadly, I’m aware the function doesn’t work the way I mentioned. I don’t quite understand why this feature is explained like this:

you can restrict file types and choose whether the File upload button will allow users to submit a Document file, an Image file


Allow only specific file types

Sounds a lot like an actual restriction. Not a file type suggestion in selection prompt. As a paid feature, it should actually prevent any other file type uploads. I mean, if I try to upload a JSON file instead of an image in a blog post right here, it does give a message that it isn’t supported.

I understand that it’s front-end limitation, but that doesn’t make up for the expectations I get from the explanation Webflow provides.

It’s a let-down that we are going to have to let our customer know that we won’t be able to restrict the file uploads…

Hi Rory,

From a UX perspective, I understand your frustration.

Webflow has a “wishlist” where you could add a new idea. I took a quick look on your behalf and it doesn’t seem like anyone else has started an “idea” on this topic.

I’m not sure if it is technically possible to restrict the file upload type but asking there is worth a shot.

All the best,