Restriction only PDF Extension in File upload filed

I created the CV upload popup on my career page. I will set only the upload PDF extension in the file upload field don’t allow excel format can I do this?

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Hi @parul,

You should be able to do this in the File Upload settings by selecting custom file types like so:

Hope this helps!

Hi @mww ,
Yeah, you are right I have ready set custom .pdf but still, when uploading the .excl file form is successful upload.

Hi @parul,

Sorry I see what you mean! Basically it’s not possible to actually restrict files from being uploaded by the user.

Using this restriction will only set the format within the OS file selector window, users can select ‘All files’ and choose any file format to upload:

More info on this here: html - Limit file format when using <input type="file">? - Stack Overflow.