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Any updates on file submissions in forms?

I am making a website for a recruitment company. they get ~15 form submissions per month with a CV attached. I saw on the wishlist that form submissions were being looked at -

Looks like its been in development for 2 years.

I know there are a few workarounds but I am yet to find one that works well for forms that need to be delivered to different people (depending on who is in charge of the job) - open to suggestions!

Edit: I didn’t really get your question sorry, you’re asking for the feature to be within the CMS plan. I’m for that too :slight_smile: I let my answer though, if it can help anyone.

File upload for forms are already a Webflow feature.



It’s only available for the Business CMS hosting though.

Yep sorry - its great that its already there I was just hoping for a better way to handle projects with a small number of attachments. For a single project they need to pay for the webflow account + business hosting + zapier to route the emails to the right person. Seems like a lot of work for the outcome needed :slight_smile:

Totally get that, and as you and the author of the whishlist idea, I think it’s restricted because it takes up hosting room and server power. Limiting the feature to meet a lot of use cases would be super cool. I guess that’s the same reason why we can’t use videos natively, or any other element that would eat hosting and server power.

My personal use cases are a handful of site who would receive less than 30 attachements a month.