No file uploads for ecommerce?

I’ve just realized that you cannot have file uploads on forms when you have an e-commerce plan, because it’s not the business plan.

That is absolutely ridiculous. This is a super important and necessary feature in my clients’ project, and there seems to be no way to have both e-commerce and a file upload feature at the same time.

I’ve looked into UploadCare, but the page goes all wonky when I try to sign up, and there seems to be no workaround. Does anyone have any idea for what I can do?

And as for Webflow, this seems like a stupid mistake. Not having the file upload feature on all plans is one thing, but not allowing people to have both e-commerce and file uploads AT ALL just seems like the product of an incredible lapse in judgement.

Totally with you on this.

Just got to the end of an extensive project for a big client, and upon going to sort out hosting now realise it’s the choice of giving the clients customer support team form file uploads (super crucial) or, you know, the whole e-commerce side of the site.

Perhaps it is my oversight and that I should have checked such a thing. But also, why the cahoonies wouldn’t that be a thing? Even if we had to upgrade to the plus e-commerce account?

Like, why? Just … why? If anything surely there’s more of a use case –

“Hi, I bought this product and it arrived damaged, please accept my word essay about what is broken rather than me sending a photo because you can’t do that lol”

“Hi I received my order but you send the wrong colour, this is like tangerine satsuma rather than satsuma tangerine. I’ve taken a photo, will tweet it to you”

Seems like an oversight, but also found forum posts from a year ago that never seemed to lead anywhere. It would be good to understand if this on the development roadmap, or just being left to forever choose between e-commerce or form file uploads.

Has anyone contacted support about this issue? Might be work a try. I would also suggest adding this to the wishlist if it is not a “bug”.

How does Webflow staff suggest I justify this to the client who is already paying more for Ecommerce Standard than they would for the Business account which includes this feature?

I agree, it makes Webflow seem very limiting and restrictive to clients which is not a good thing at all - this has to be an oversight, surely nobody in their right mind would let this pass.

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I feel like this has to be an oversight, I don’t want to pay it the respect of a wishlist :rofl:

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