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Form File Upload & Login Requirements = Pointlessly Obtuse

I love webflow - I’ve been a paying member since around 2015 but I am always impressed when big updates/services are pushed live by Webflow they always overlook and/or make - what should be easy - features pointlessly confusing.

Some examples:

Roll out of the CMS (amazing) but you can’t make collection posts reorder-able by drag/drop/etc (stupid and not even an advanced feature).

Or rolling out e-commerce (amazing) but no recurring payments or subscription integrations, despite Webflow itself literally being a subscription service (lol) and the main payment integrations Stripe/Paypal have these function built in already.

Or client billing (amazing) but they didn’t come native with auto-generated client invoices? This is fixed now but my god what a headache for two years until they fixed it (all the while we’re getting invoices from Webflow lol).

Lastly, and the topic of the post, is the Form File Upload feature. Which I would also say is “amazing” but it’s like a feature from the '90s that even Webflow managed to make just pointlessly obtuse. The fact that my client, who I’m hosting on my account on client billing, cannot access the file uploads on their websites form unless logged into my dashboard is actually insane. No “toggling the restricted access button to off” does not work for this. You literally have to have access to the designer - not editor- designer, in order to access assets uploaded via-Webflow. It’s legitimately baffling.

So, I essentially doubled my monthly payment to webflow for this feature alone (again, a 90’s era feature offered for free on all other web platforms), only to find out you can’t add a website to a Team account with an active hosting plan? All just to give access to my client so they can download form file submissions?

The only solution is to use a third-party platform like Zapier (stupid) or transfer the project to my clients own account - but then lose out on the client billing I was making margins on?

Check this solution out: Simply let anyone whose email is submit for form submission notifications to have access to the form uploads.

Hate to sound like a curmudgeon and this is mainly just to vent - I’m not going anywhere Webflow’s got me and my client base locked in. It’s just important you guys understand how stupid this is. Company valued at $2.1 billion can’t figure out mainstream basic feature that should be included in all plans, especially if it can’t even function how it’s supposed to.

/end rant