All my interactions has disappeared, and I'm just days away from launching this Ecommerce site

All interactions on my Ecommerce site suddenly disappeared. This is awful because I’m just a few days from launch. The interactions are still there, I just can’t see them in the interactions tab to edit them.

I need help.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Edello

Open a ticket with support is your best hope.

Hey @webdev . I have opened a ticket but the support usually takes more than a day to respond. Is there anything that can be done or tested?

I see no interactions. You might consider a restore from backup but make sure you understand the potential ramifications (API). Sucks but this is what it is.

I checked your link and I can see all your interactions in the panel, and they seem work in the live view too. Maybe try clearing your cache and refreshing the designer. If your problem persists try duplicating the site and see if the duplicate works as it should, and in that case consider taking a look at this post:

I have cleared cache and refreshed the designer with no luck. The animations/interactions are still working but the panel stands empty. Maybe I will have to wait it out and try clearing cache again later. Must be a temporary bug on my browser (safari) if you can see the interactions. Still a worrisome thing to happen.

Ive experienced the ramifications of restoring a backup before, I’ve made a bunch of changes and work since the last backup, and it sucks indeed. I will have that option as a last resort but really hope that it doesn’t come to that.

The interactions came back on the original site after making a duplicate! Not sure if making a duplicate was the reason to the fix.

This is really strange behavior but still awesome that it worked. Thank you!

That’s good! There was a bug corrupting interactions a few weeks back, and perhaps duplicating the site caused the designer to hard reset on your device? My best uneducated guess.

That could be a explanation to this bug. I have contacted the support to notify them on this issue. Hopefully this will be looked at and fixed.