All Links Affecting Every Link

Hey everyone… Any idea how I can get All Links to stop affecting all my links that it currently affects ? Do I simply have to create a new class for every single link ? It seems to be the only thing that works.

Hello @JibbyFlow!

Giving a class to element is not always necessary, but there is some situations when classes will make site more stable and clear. Also, you don’t have to give new class to every single element, class mean just some certain style. So you can create 1 class and apply it on different elements, just for give them same style.

In your situation with links, they really has no stable width and height. Yet text inside the links is changing it’s size on hover, that automatically change the link “size” (make it bigger or smaller). And it is surely affect other links - it actually moves all the links around.
These links need the width. It will keep all of them on the stable places but I would not recommend to do this without adding class.

Also, I would recommend you to watch this tutorial for understand when and how to use links:




I made some adjustments to the site and what you are saying makes sense to me. I for some reason am taking the longcut on all things and creating way too many individual classes because it seems like the only thing working for me to separate objects and identify behavior. I did like the way the links got bigger on hover. but it was making everything to jumpy cause it was messing with size etc. I tried to remove that hover of bigger text and use just scale… and it seemed to blur things. Any idea why ? I just ended up removing.

I think my battle is trying to get the “ALL” thing completely removed cause it creates the parent element on things and then it creates madness when building out other elements if you dont keep track of it. I think thats why Im doing so many classes for customization but I know there is a better way. I’m just getting frustrated.

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