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Can I style Default webflow classes?

Hey guys,

My portfolio site is currently iframing(sort of) content for the shop on my page to sell goods. In others words, I enter products through a service an they pump the code into my page. I have the ability to style the unique elements but I can’t seem to override the normal “default” styles for Webflow (basic H1, h2, h3, etc). Those elements are using the default styles as their main source of truth but each time I try and modify them webflow creates classes on top of everything. I know theres an easy solution I think I’m just missing it somehow.

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You can modify the default styles by selecting the item and clicking inside the selector box where you would add a class and at the bottom you’ll see All H1 Headings. If you select that you can style the global default styles that webflow uses. There are some exceptions to this functionality such as containers as some parameters are needed to remain responsive. Good Luck!

Thanks for the help.

The only issue I had with this was when trying to modify the “all paragraphs” selector. I had so many classes with “p” in the title that the dropdown went out of the screen real estate. I had to zoom out to access the “all paragraphs” selector. Otherwise it worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

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