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Button Links Causing Issues in Tablet Downwards

I am having issues with my button links from Tablets downwards. It seems when I click on them on tablet to smart phone they are having some kind of hover type effect that I did not put in place. I believe it is being drawn from a higher class that I must have created at some point but I am unable to locate.

If you look on the pricing page of my website you will see there is online application buttons as well as an ACH Check processing application. These both have some strange behavior when I click them. The online application isn’t linked to anything but the ACH application is linked.

Please help - Thank You.

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Hi @JibbyFlow, thanks for your question, I took a look at the site, and there are many pages, all releated it seems to payments and pricing. Could you share a screenshot of the page and elements affected?

Thanks in advance!

Dave - Thanks for the reply. I wont be able to get a screenshot over till tonight. There is a specific page labeled as pricing that you can see on the Navbar. Some classes seem to be affecting the buttons when clicked on them cascading downwards from Tablet - Smart Phone.

Thanks for your help on this. If I get some time tonight I will try to provide screenshots.

As you can see when I click the image it dissapears. The link itself works but I am not sure why it is just turning white. I have no hover or when clicked effect on.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. It is happening on other buttons I have as well. My guess is if I can resolve this one with some help I could resolve the others rather easy.



I think what @cyberdave meant was take a screenshot of the page panel and the specific page this content is on. :wink:

The Nav Bar up top says “Pricing” That is the page.

I kinda fixed this by myself. But I can’t help but think there is some kind of glitch on the buttons. It seems everyone I layout is catching a hover affect. I could be wrong here or maybe it has to do with a parent class that I created but I’m not certain as to why it keeps happening.

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