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I am creating a contact footer way at the bottom of my site. I only have it on the index page right now published but I plan on having it on every page. You can see I layed out . Merchant … Developers… Gateway Features etc… I want to make the text links smaller. but when I do they seem to be jumping on hover. I checked the hover effect and I don’t see anything checked. I named the far right Contact column a class and tried to make it smaller in tablet view and it is acting all crazy.

Can someone please check and help me fix.

Thanks - Here is my link.

Hey @JibbyFlow

Here is a quick fix:

Seems link there is something funny going on i am looking into this right now but the above fix should suffice for now :smile:


Hi @JibbyFlow

It looks like your “All Links” selector has a hover and pressed state.

Try dragging in a regular text link onto your page, then remove the hover and pressed states styles from it. That should fix it.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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@pixelgeek - I think that will work. How exactly do I take the hover and pressed state off ? I have been trying to undo this for sometime. and I think this will help me a ton

I tried what you said and it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Just figured it out too @PixelGeek :smiley:

@JibbyFlow here is how to remove styles:


@Ahmadz839 That video was great ! I never even knew you could click into the blue items to delete a property. If I knew this a few months ago when I started this project it would have saved me a ton of confusion and effort as well as mentally exhausting myself with work arounds. This is for sure a tool I will use in the future in Webflow. The “ALL” features always messed with me. Thank You so much !

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Glad i could help :smile:

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