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Advanced CMS filtering with multiple inputs

Hi community!

I have a little problem. My client wants an advanced filtering system on their website that is connected to a CMS. I’ve tried MixItUp but I’m coming across some issues so my question to you is if anyone knows a good way to handle this. Does anyone know a good third-party service that will achieve this?

You have hit a big limitation in Webflow. The preference is usually to use dynamic queries which you can’t do as Webflow sites are basically static. Maybe one day in the future Webflow will support GraphQL or at least filtering within the API (so dated).

If you have any significant number of results then using on page filtering and sorting (Mixitup, Finsweet, JetBoost, etc) will result in terrible performance and page loads. For smaller datasets these can work.

You may want to consider building a faceted search function with Algolia (which seems to have been removed from the “Integrations” or Swiftype. There is no plug and play solution I am aware of and both requires the ability to work with API’s. Basically you would convert a CSV to JSON and export it as an index. Then expose results via the API which lets you filter the index in realtime, producing results that link to collection items.

Sometimes it takes Code to go beyond the NoCode limitations in Webflow. Tally-ho!

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