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CMS search, filtering and sorting

Hi i do have a question regarding CMS search and filtering. Since i can’t do this with the current CMS im looking for suggestions.

  1. One option for me is to build My own DB and API that i can Call and use from webflow.

  2. My second option is to use a widget, Zap or similair.

What i need to do is to be able to let the user dynamic filter a bunch of values, it can be one option but it can also be 15 option and depending on the result display products on the web. Customers would like to see this brand, with following product line all in blue in this price range.

Any suggestion? The reason im asking for suggestions to build My own API is because i would like to save time

Did you ever get this completed? Just checking to see if you need anymore assistance?

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@garymichael1313 Nope no response

Oh sorry about that. I believe you’re on the right track; you will need a more granular data application for this. Zapier may work, and I haven’t tried what you’re asking, this is a specific request.

Please email support directly and get a recommendation from them on this one.

@garymichael1313 I have been asking but no response. Since im a developer and have been working with db solutions and webb apps, i se such big potentional with WF to Build webb apps with a superb studion.

Most of the other tools is not close to whatyou can do with WF regarding Visual development. I realy miss this function in WF, dynamic filtering, build you own index structure and dynamic sorting

Yep I understand, I honestly believe Webflow’s founders see this potential as well. I’ve built programs for large training facilities, managed organizations, created startups, and many other projects. The WORST thing they could do is lose sight of their business plan! The challenge is not adding features, or build for expansion. The pitfall is knowing when to say No! I’m confident they believe, this. Others may see this as slow deployment, or minimal project timing, but I see focus, restraint and solid business principles.

What you described will happen, I think people will be suprised by the focus towards a more robust database foundation. Data management is what will separate them, and appeal to more industry developers. So hang in there, it’s gonna happen.

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Hello, webflow team!

Does CMS based filtering and sorting functionality is “Work in progress” for now?
Or can you give an advice is it possible to make server based application to make filtering functionality on ecommerce webflow site.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, @webflow!

Still waiting for your answer, thank you!

Hey @GregoryShevchenko, sorry you haven’t received a reply yet!

Are you guys aware of the wishlist site that we use to keep you all updated about feature requests? I believe there are a couple of notes in there related to CMS based filtering :slight_smile:

We prioritize requests in there based on the number of votes+feasibility from an engineering point of view, so please make sure you help us keep that up to date :smiley:

We ship fast and often and we keep the whishlist updated with notes on status everytime there are changes!