CMS filter with result page


Can I create a filter in webflow that filters based on CMS? Let’s say there are 4 filters, I select all of them, then click on search and it takes me to a results page with related results?

Hey! As far as I know, you can create filters in Webflow based on CMS content.

You just need to set up your CMS Collections with fields for each filter. Then you can use Webflow’s filtering to control which items appear based on these criteria.

Now, for the part about a separate results page, it’s a bit trickier since Webflow doesn’t directly support this from CMS filters. But don’t worry, there are solutions! You might need to dive into some custom coding or use a tool like Jetboost for advanced filtering and search functionalities.

Good luck with your project!

H Kristof,

Finsweet’s CMS Filter or Jetboost are the preferred solutions for this.


Thank you for your replies. I will try your suggestions.