CMS Collection Search directly on site

I want to have a site on which you can directly search one cms collection instead of getting redirected to the search page (which is used for the “normal” site search over all pages).

Any ideas?

It should look like this:

Found a solution ^^

Hey Jakob yes, Finsweet’s CMS filter is solid work-
But it’s a client-side solution which means that most likely you’ll hit a limit if your collection is over 100 items.

If that happens, try multiple lists, and/or FS CMS merge attributes.

Even will all that, and maxing out 20 collection lists, you’d reach a limit of 2,000 searchable items.

If you’re dealing with numbers approaching that, I’d go for an external solution sync’d through the API.

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Ohh okay, good to know - thank you! :slight_smile: