What is the best way to filter 1000 of items in Webflow?

Hi dear people,

Since webflow doesn’t provide native ways to filter CMS content on a page, we always have to rely on third party plugins (finsweet, mixitup, etc…).

My question is:
What would you recommend for a website that needs to filter about 1000 items from a CMS collection ?

HTMX or performance will be terrible.

The UX on Finsweet is OK if you configure FS load well, because you’ll see the loading indication as it counts up, and you’ll see items appearing. Once it’s loaded, it’s cached, and quick to respond to filter changes.

I’ve done 3,000 items in that config and it takes 5 to 8 seconds to load everything the first time but it’s not a silent wait, you can see that first load clearly, so it doesn’t feel horrid.

Jetboost costs monthly, but I believe the filtering is a direct query to a clone of the CMS, so it doesn’t matter the size of the CMS, the performance will essentially be flat.