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Adding Tags to Blog Posts

So I’ve read about a lot of the limitations with dynamic collections, so this may not be possible at this time, but it would be good to know if this is an upcoming feature since this site can’t go live without it. I’d hate to start over on another platform.

Short background. Added Tags collection. Added Tags to Blog Post collection as a multi-reference (has to be).

  1. So I can add a collection list to the Blog Template using a Collection List. My issue is I can’t filter the tags displayed to be only the ones assigned to that post.

  2. I’ve created a Tags template, but I’m unable to add the same Collection List to the Tag Template, because it states that Collection Lists cannot be nested.

  3. Since I can’t add it to a template page, I’m assuming there’s no way to add it to the home page lists of recent posts? Also heard you can’t use dynamic content in anything but a template page?

If someone could be straight with me on this it would really help. This is a requirement of the site, and if all these features aren’t on the immediate horizon, I need to know.


I figured out number 1. I chose the Tags collection and not the Multi-Ref Tags collection.

Still not sure how to put tags on all the other abbreviated views of Posts. (i.e. Home, All Posts, Category Template and Tag Template.