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Multiple article category/tag on homepage

I know this was discussed previously, but I’ve yet to see a solution:

Listing 10 articles (or blog posts) withattributes such as publish date, author, and category on the home page, it doesn’t seem possible to show multiple categories (used as tags).

Here’s what I’ve done:
• I’m using the Collection List block to list the latest Articles in the Articles Collection.
• I’m connecting text blocks with data from the Articles Collection
• The Articles Collection has a Multi-Reference Field to add multiple Categories (used like tags).

The Problem:
I can’t connect the text block in this Article teaser to the multiple Categories that each post has in the Collection.

I’ve seen that people are trying to create workarounds but they are not straightforward and seem to make it more complex.

I’m not sure if this is a feature request, a bug report, or a forum question. All three?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Boom. Thank you. +1’d.
That was my first post here.
I’m liking this community.

Please search the Wishlist for upcoming features, and if there isn’t one for your requested feature yet, you can create a wishlist request.

You can also subscribe to wishlist items to stay updated to announcements regarding the wishlist item.

For possible workarounds (if any), please use the Search feature on the forums.

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