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Adding PayPal to our website

Hello, We are in the process of finalising our website and we need to add a payment option to our website. We are intending to use Paypal. Can someone please advise in “beginner’s language”, what we need to do? Step by Step? We have a PayPal personal account. We want to be able to receive 2 payments (via PayPal) for deposits and final payments. Can anyone assist? Thank you! :slight_smile:

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There are numerous solutions for adding PayPal to your website. But, not knowing your site, nor any other details about your site, it will be hard to give you a succinct answer.

However, in general…

If you want a simple button that sends users to PayPal to make a payment, then you can create those buttons on PayPal’s site via your account. There are numerous guides for that.

If you require a “cart”, you can also use PayPal directly. They’ll maintain the cart via their embedded code, and then you can place a checkout button. Again, numerous guides for this on PayPal’s site. There are also many, many other “cart” solution. You can look at FoxyCart or any of the large e-com sites (Shopify, Volusion, etc.)

If you require data collection, eg. the user needs to provide their name, address, etc. to you directly, then you have a plethora of other embeddable options. Take a look at Formstack or JotForm to start.

Hopefully that gets you moving in the right direction.

As far as the integration part in Webflow, you’ll be using the Embed widget and/or custom head code with any solution.


Thank you @dkenzik the Volusion solution looks like the way to go! You can integrate PayPal with it so it’s pretty awesome :slight_smile: and only $15 a month for up to 100 products. Only transaction fees are from PayPal :smile:

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