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Best shopping cart option for my project

Hello! I’ve decided that I want to begin incorporating web design in my graphic work, and after extensive research, I believe Webflow is a great choice for me.

I’m currently undertaking a rather simple website for a client who’s starting a business. I’ve branded them from the ground up, and now they need web presence. One of the biggest questions I have is: They’re going to be selling one product, so I do not need a complicated shopping cart. For Webflow, what are my best options for just a single product? I would like to be able to keep it on-site, if possible, with basic payment options (paypal, credit card).

Forgive me for my ignorance, I’m just now getting into the web world!

You have a few options. You can incorporate a paypal buy now button and style it in webflow using some styles that apply to their button. If you want a full shopping cart on the site so they can browse and buy more than 1 product. is a great solution.

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