Paypal Integration to Webflow

Hi guys,

I am new to Webflow. I have built a website using Webflow general - not Ecommerce.

I would like to integrate paypal and to accept payments on my website using paypal.

Is that possible with Webflow general - not Ecommerce? And also, because it is a one page site - can it be integrated so that when a customer click on a button that I have created it gets redirected to Paypal checkout page? I mean I want to use my one button and not the paypal bottons.

Thank you.

Yeah sure why not. As long as the paypal API supports external buy buttons I don’t see this being a issue. Check out the paypal api docs and give it a try.

One more thing - can it also be used as subscription button - since my only button to accept payment would be a subscription and I would like to make it recurrent payment.
I know that it would be easier to use Memberstack and Stripe for the matter, but Stripe is not acceptable for my country. So do you think all of it can be integrated and automated so that when I customer click to Get Started/Subscribe - he then gets redirected to Paypal checkout page in order to pay and then he is subscribed?

Hi @Kevin_Lastardzhiev.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration: Connect a Webflow form or button to a Foxy payment/subscribe link and then enable PayPal as your gateway.

We support both one-time and recurring products as well as an integration with PayPal and 100+ other payment methods/gateways.

All that said, integrating a 3rd party ecommerce platform may be overfill (unless you have other needs you haven’t mentioned… ie: paygating content). You might look at simply setting up a PayPal subscribe button: How do I create a Subscription Button?

Here to help if you have any follow up questions or need help getting started with Foxy: