PayPal as an additional Payment option

Hi there. I want to add PayPal as a payment method but there is no official Webflow tutorial (or I did not find any official Webflow tutorial).

The thing is that I want to add PayPal as an additional payment option still using Webflow’s checkout and ecommerce back office to track my sales.

Which is the best way to add PayPal in my specific case?

Does anyone know?
Thanks, A360

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Paypal is not currently supported as a payment method on checkout. It has been announced as an upcoming feature release. No ETA at the moment.

Hi webdev.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I know that it is not native implemented as Webflow ecommerce checkout payment option.

But can it be integrated as an additional option manually / custom coded?

Best. A360

Anything is possible when you have a big enough budget, but this is not a practical path to head down, in my opinion.

You could opt to use a third-party cart solution like That would allow you to support multiple payment methods. You just use collections as products.


@webdev Thank you for the mention!

@A360 Accepting payments with PayPal in your Webflow website is super simple with Foxy. More info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here:

Definitely let us know if you have any questions, need help getting started, would like to see a proof of concept, or want to hop on a call. We’re happy to help.


Thank you Josh @foxy

I have examined Foxy’s Webflow support and I fully understand how to integrate it.

One question about payment gateway integration itself in Foxy.

Can I connect more than one gateway. For example PayPal AND Stripe?

Best, A360

Hi @A360.
Yes, you can enable both Stripe and PayPal so customers can choose. Of course, they won’t see Stripe, they’ll just see something like “Pay with debit/credit card”.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions.


Can you send me a tutorial that shows how to integrate multiple provider?

Which PayPal do I have to chose from the dropdown?
( PayPal Payments Pro? )

Hi @A360.
Here’s a screenshot on what to enable/disable:

Once you enable PayPal simply input your PayPal email. For Stripe Connect, click on the connect button (once enabled) and follow through the connection process.

By default, you’ll be on Test Servers which means the gateway accounts you connect to will need to be test/developer as well. You can run as many test transactions as you’d like. You only need to start a paid subscription once you’re ready to accept real payments. You can then switch to Live Servers and connect to your live gateway account.

Please send us an email if you run into any issues or have further questions:


Thank you very much, Josh :slight_smile:

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I got it BUT for example if i already did a check out website with stripe … is it possible to ADD the payment method PAYPAL there? if I follow the tutorial on webflow integrations that basically is complete new shop at the paypal site … am i right?
For example if I set delivery discounts… that cannot be setup on the paypal store ist it?