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How to add Paypal Checkout + Customer Information

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a Website that allows Users to Buy a Product.

Basically it should look like this:

  1. The User enters his Personal Information for Shipping
  2. The User clicks on “Pay now” and pays via Paypal. Once he payed, he gets a notification that the order was successful + a confirmation Email for his order.
  3. The Site owner gets an Email with the Personal Info of the customer to ship the product.

Now I’m not quite sure whats the best way to do this. Is that even possible with webflow alone?
Or do I need something like shopify?

I’m on a google spree myself right now, but if anyone knows a solution here it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers, 0.

Hi @0nul

It’s not possible with Webflow at the moment…
But it’s possible with different 3rd party providers like:


There are multiple threads with information regarding each of these in Webflow already, but feel free to drop any questions and someone will be able to help you :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know about these, but it would be cool to get it work with only Webflow Forms. My Problem is that there is a custom Webflow Form involved and I woudnt know how to combine this with a 3rd Party solution.

Is it possible to create a Webflow Form that somehow includes a Paypal payment option?
The Confirmation Email could be send manually.

Hi :slight_smile: @0nul

How about this:
You can easily create a form in Webflow with a submit button.
After they submit the form the PayPal button pops Up… and then they click Buy Now. Pay through PayPal.
PayPal will automatically send emails out. Webflow will automatically send the form data to the designated email address inputed into the site settings.

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That sounds like an interesting solution. Sort of like “Send delivery Info and proceed to payment”.
How would you make the Paypal Button pop up though?
It somehow had to be linked to the successfully submitted form.

Hi @0nul.
I replied to your private message. For what it’s worth, Foxy ties right into Webflow’s form builder. Customer fills out form and instantly gets sent to secure checkout where they can pay with PayPal. Store owner is then notified via email with full customer and order details. Let me know if I can help with anything.



You would create an interaction that fades out the submit button on click. The fades in “Paypal Button” in place of it.

Now you would want to design it in a way that keeps people from filling out the form and then never hitting the PayPal button or you’ll get the info of a client who didn’t pay anything.

@0nul My suggestion is to just use , it’s seriously awesome. The integrations are flawless and their cart / proccess will help conversion rate. Send Josh a PM over at @foxy and he’ll point you in the right direction.

3 of my Foxy Sites Built w/ Webflow:

Totally agree with Scott - Josh and the team at Foxy offer awesome support, whether you are a high level designer/dev or new to the game.

Yes I’m actually going with Foxy for this Project :wink:
And yep, Support is awesome so far!
Been busy with other Projects the last Weeks but I’m quite curious how it’ll look in the End.

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@StuM @0nul Thanks for the encouraging feedback! It’s always an honor to work with so many amazing people using Webflow!


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Nice Choice! Foxy is great.

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