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Rows of images in rich text CMS

Hi! I’m trying to add a row of images into my Rich Text paragraph to go into a CMS blog so that it is formatted like so:

When I post this into my CMS editor the images won’t conform to this format… does this mean it is not possible or is there a solution??


Here is my public share link:

Hey @ailsargh photo gallery or thumbnails are not built into rich text. Any photos inside RT are inline with some basic sizing options.

If the blog format style is going to be the same for all posts, then I’d suggest setting up the cms fields like so.

  • Name
  • Rich Text (part1)
  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Rich Text (part2)
    Then in the designer on the template page create the html structure to match and connect the data. Use a div with flexbox in-between the RTs to contain the images. You can then use a condition on the images to only show them if they’ve been set in the cms.

Using conditions can allow for some great design control. For instance, use a switch or dropdown to allow a blog to use Design A or Design B. In the designer use that in combination with conditions to change what is being shown on the page. Basically you can create multiple templates this way.

Hope this helps to give you some direction and sense of the possibilities.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the advice! I have already had my collection list set up like you suggest, a grid with CMS fields, though it only just occurred to me that I wouldn’t want all the posts to look the same!!

I will look into using Conditional Visibility, it seems like it could work for me - Thank you!

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