Rows of images in rich text CMS

Hi! I’m trying to add a row of images into my Rich Text paragraph to go into a CMS blog so that it is formatted like so:

When I post this into my CMS editor the images won’t conform to this format… does this mean it is not possible or is there a solution??


Here is my public share link:

Hey @ailsargh photo gallery or thumbnails are not built into rich text. Any photos inside RT are inline with some basic sizing options.

If the blog format style is going to be the same for all posts, then I’d suggest setting up the cms fields like so.

  • Name
  • Rich Text (part1)
  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Rich Text (part2)
    Then in the designer on the template page create the html structure to match and connect the data. Use a div with flexbox in-between the RTs to contain the images. You can then use a condition on the images to only show them if they’ve been set in the cms.

Using conditions can allow for some great design control. For instance, use a switch or dropdown to allow a blog to use Design A or Design B. In the designer use that in combination with conditions to change what is being shown on the page. Basically you can create multiple templates this way.

Hope this helps to give you some direction and sense of the possibilities.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the advice! I have already had my collection list set up like you suggest, a grid with CMS fields, though it only just occurred to me that I wouldn’t want all the posts to look the same!!

I will look into using Conditional Visibility, it seems like it could work for me - Thank you!


Your/Webflow’s suggestion/solution to create a custom blog format for each post is terrible.
We should be able to format images or videos in the rich-text element using FLEX BOX or GRID formatting at the least! We would also LOVE to format slide shows and light-boxes!
Please PLEASE PLEASE :upside_down_face: get this basic stuff on the road map.


I hear you. That post was written long before I joined Webflow and was written as a customer using the workaround. Now, I’m on the team working with customer feedback. We are actively cleaning up and improving the Here are some items that you might want to upvote related to rich text and images. Please know that your feedback is a priority to us.

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No solution yet?

Can’t believe Webflow hasn’t yet integrated this… I’m trying to build a travel blog with multiple images but all I can do is have one below each other instead of side-by-side. Unbelievable.

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You can embed Custom code into a rich text field as a workaround.

@matthewpmunger, How are these updates coming?

We STILL really want to format images, videos, light-boxes, and slideshows in the CMS rich-text element using FLEX BOX or GRID formatting. These are basic features that other wizzywig editors provide and our customers require…

Have we made any progress since LAST YEAR?

To be fair, even Google Docs can’t do most of what you’re requesting, and that product is 100% about wysiwyg editing. Webflow’s got a much bigger scope of work, and a few billion less in the feature budget.

Most wysiwyg editors only offer things like flex and grid through the raw code option. I quite like Webflow’s approach here- you get to embed raw code anywhere you want, and you’re not forced to wade through a whole HTML doc to edit it. Slick.

Personally for my blogs, I drop in an Embed any time I want to do something special, like an HTML table, a CODE embed, an inline image gallery or a flex layout. All you need is a touch of custom CSS to make that gorgeous.

And you can go quite a bit further too, like my experiment with nested lists.

I’ve learned to appreciate the Webflow team’s approach here. They’re building a design platform, not a blogging app, or a calendar app, or a maps app, or a scheduling app, or a database app. Investing in those features would be like Photoshop adding a “blue sky” button. Some people will get value. Most everyone else just gets feature bloat, and a slower, more expensive product.