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Blog Removing space from Rich Text?

Im currently using Word Press for my blogs but Im slowly transferring all over. Problem I have is I need to include more than 25 photos in each post since its a photography site. Sounds like the work around is to put some of the images in the Rich Text. Problem is when its in the Rich Text it’s leaving a space between each photo (see link below). Is there anyway to get rid of that? I guess its not the end of the world but I don’t like the look. Any other ways to include more photos that maybe Im missing?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Why not just create 2 multi image fields and stack them on top of each other in the post?

Sorry I admit Im learning as I go, I feel a little lame, but I’m not sure what that means “multi image fields”. Like a grid? But not every post has the same number of photos.

Oh wait I see what you are saying the fields in the CMS. Wow I thought you could only do one multi-image field! Well that was simple thank you!!!

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