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Adding banner ads in webflow blogs

Can editors add banner ads in webflow?

I am creating a blogging website in webflow and my client wants to add banner ads and obviously they keep on changing.

Can he add ads on each blog page as an editor?
Is there something I missed out?

Does he want a unique ad (image, size etc) for every blog post, or just a space where he can place an ad and it shows up on all posts?

In case it’s the second option, you could set up a linkblock that gets its content from the CMS, in which he himself easily can upload an image / change links through the editor.

Second option is perfect but what will happen if there’s no ad available with him will the block show a blank image element :sweat_smile:

Or If there’s no cms content the space will be blank

Sorry for the late response, didn’t get a notification.

You could setup some kind of default image that shows up in case there isn’t any ad to be shown. Or just wait with adding the feature until he has an ad ready to be shown :slight_smile:

Will it disturb the other contents on the page (in case of no ads).
If I set up a bg image from cms slider and there’s no ad to show so will it be like the default bg image of webflow.