Can Google Adsense be applied on Webflow built websites?

I plan to opt for the CMS plan and buy a template from Webflow - but there isn’t enough information available either on this forum nor on Youtube to figure out the if and how of adsense integration.
Can anyone point me to the right thread or let me know if adsense can be applied to a webflow website (as easily as it can be to Wordpress).

P.S. I do not have any other hosting options (specifying this because a tread here said something about copying the adsense code to a different host and then connecting that to the webflow website)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I had a look around and it seems adsense gives you some code to paste into your website, right? That’s super simple, you just add that to your site settings and you’re done. Take a look at this university article for more information on how to add code to different places on your website

Hi Sarah! Would you not have to build in blank divs on your site for the ads to be placed (300x250px, 160x600px, etc)? How does Google determine where in your layout to place the ads?

Hey, did you find a solution for this? I have a similar query. Thanks