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Ads or banners in the middle of post content?

I noticed on the Webflow blog that in the middle of posts there are “banners” that sit in the middle of the post. They aren’t images but actual HTML. Now, I’m guessing by having two separate content fields, you can choose to place these in the middle, but my question is HOW are they inserted? Are they related entries? There is not custom HTML field that I can see so I’m guessing these components live in another channel and are called in? I tried to use my inspector to figure it out but that was no help.

This observation is correct.

Collection list for “Blog Ads” collection that limits to a random item in the collection (but then random sorting cache changes every 12 hours, so it will likely remain the same when you refresh the page).


Here, you can see how it is done yourself: [List] Official Webflow Sites and Preview Links

Thanks, that’s perfect!