Add Multiple Credit Cards to My Account

Why can’t I add multiple credit cards to my account like I can with almost every other SaaS product?

I’m currently working on a project that is somewhere between client and partnership work. I don’t want to upcharge for hosting, so Client Billing is unnecessary, but I want to pay for hosting with the company credit card instead of my own card.

Currently, I have to remove my personal card, add the company card, pay for hosting, then go and switch back to my personal card. This is unnecessarily confusing and complicated, and could easily be solved by having multiple cards on file. This isn’t an isolated, one-off problem, as I have encountered it multiple times myself.

Beyond this being a very simple feature, the fact that Webflow is getting rid of Client Billing makes this a no-brainer. It’s very frustrating that I’m being pushed to use ANOTHER third party service just to get basic functionality out of Webflow – in this case you’re making it incredibly complex for me to simply give my money to you guys.

I switched from Wordpress to Webflow specifically so I wouldn’t have to deal with these headaches, but it’s continually getting worse. I hate to say it because I’ve been a fan from the start, but little things like this have me actively looking for other web development options.


Feel your pain. Webflow seems to be more and more focused on Enterprise customers and I think less attention on smaller design shops. Just my perception and not based on any inside knowledge.

I decided not to limit my options and have quality hosting running for my clientele and the ability to use and deploy different solutions to match customer requirements. Customer billing being cancelled was very disappointing. The fact that they let the Wishlist go stale for years now is another one.


It really sucks. It’s great hosting and makes management so easy that I stopped charging for it, and made that a point of my business. But now I find myself needing multiple services that cost more than Webflow just to properly use Webflow. So right as I want to start charging for it, I’ll have to pay to do it.

I see update notes fairly often, but it’s typically bug fixes, or things that aren’t taking into consideration some of their indie users’ dire needs on the wishlist. This multiple payment methods issue has been around for 7 years now. They didn’t make it any better, and now we’re going to have to start paying for the only other option.


This is such a depressing subject. I already felt pulled apart by horses trying to set up my own business, this is just been a huge blow for me as a freelancer. I started web design because of webflow. Just let us assign multiple cards so clients can pay for their own sites, this is ridiculous.


+1 on this. Makes no sense to get rid of client billing and then make us do goofy work arounds to manage sites for multiple businesses.

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Yes, that’s frustrating.

But it looks like with Workspace, you can put your projects / sites into different workspaces and then set up different billings.

:point_up: That was told by Webflow’s support.

I am not very sure about it as our acc is STILL not upgraded to Workspace yet. Webflow support said team acc has to wait until late Sept.

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circling back to this and seems like there’s no solution in sight. I’m being forced to create an account for each client project just to be able to use multiple credit cards. This is unnecessarily complicated. Just let us add multiple CCs! it’s so obvious!


Seems Webflow only allows one starter workspace per account. Does this mean I need to charge my clients a workspace fee + site fee?

The fact that they don’t allow multiple card is literally so stupid. Why is everything made by idiots.

I am myself VERY disapointed and agree with y’all on evry point. Looking for other options and thinking about opting out. @webflow take notes !!

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