Billing for clients question

Good morning. I haven’t used Webflow in awhile and just getting back into using it. A lot has changed. One of them is my clients membership payment. I’d noticed that all of my payments fall under one credit card, which is my credit card. Does Webflow have an option to where I can add the clients credit cards per their websites? It’s inconvenient having to have their monthly or yearly payments charged to my credit card. Thanks.

Not anymore. They discontinued client billing. Now you have to transfer your project to the client if you want them to pay direct or you pay and re-bill on your own. So much for making life easier on designers.

Like @webdev mentioned, this feature doesn’t exist so unless you want to manage your client billing manually (instead of the automated way it used to be) I’d recommend transferring these projects to your client’s own Webflow account.

I actually prefer this because now my clients fully control their own site projects and as long as I have Guest access I can edit the site in the Designer without needing to share passwords or have them pay for an additional seat.

I agree. It does suck that Webflow took that feature away because, it’s inconvenient having your clients monthly payment or annually for that matter, on your credit card. Has Webflow explained why they took that option out?

Preferably, both would be good to use. The client billing was better because it kept their billing separate from my own. I don’t like having my clients due bill taken out of my credit or debit card. It just feels like with all of the new updates. Webflow took a step backwards on this one. Smh.

Hugely inconvenient, I find it funny that Webflow is trying hard to convince people of the value of Webflow hosting but killed the one hosting feature every designer relied on.

Now there’s really not much reason to stay.

With the price hikes, unreliable forms and server outages, nearly 80% of our clients are asking to be relocated.

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@memetican If you need superb hosting feel free to hit me up. Yep I do that.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll do that, I need to expand my range of options. Jamstack is working great in most cases but a few clients are requesting a stronger CMS solution like Contentful.

I’ve been out of the loop for a minute. I wasn’t aware of the outages. That’s creeping into the ‘Wordpress’ outdate plugins department. Yeah. You’d think that ‘Webflow’, with all of these new perks, that they could have added the obvious. A merchant service that would allow clients to pay on their own vs depending on us to use other sources. Or, try to avoid getting our credit card tagged, each time a client is billed. It’s really god damn stupid to take that away and not replace it with something else. I mean. It’s a major point and part of having clients.

We have a dedicated bank account/credit card only for Webflow hosting. All the sites that are charged (annually) from this card are listed in a Google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet lists the costs (Webflow hosting) and a markup (about +50%) on each site. This way we have an overview of the total annual costs and what to invoice the client. Cost+markup is invoiced automatically to the client annually (in whatever invoicing service you prefer) and paid by the client to the company operating account. Every month I transfer 1/12 of the total annual hosting cost from the operating account to the dedicated bank account for Webflow hosting. The surplus (basically the markup) stays in the operating account.

Important: I invoice in a different currency than US dollars, so I have set up the spreadsheet to automatically convert the costs from US dollars to my currency based on the average exchange rate for the last 30 days to handle currency fluctuations.

So in other words, you’ve basically made your own billing system, bringing with it additional admin time/costs just so clients are able to pay for their own websites.

And because of how Webflow manages billing, a fat markup has to be passed down onto clients to ensure there’s always enough funds, and if there isn’t I’m going to be footing the bill for my client.

Webflow has a really backwards billing system. Shouldn’t be complicated to 1. Have a card on your workspace account 2. Have a card on individual sites 3. Choose whether sites are paid with a separate card or the “agency” workspace card.